Thursday, December 22, 2011

ChumpCar H2R Holiday Hoon 11/19/11 - Team Lonely Driver

Here are some pics from the ChumpCar Holiday Hoon event at Harris Hill Road with 'Team Lonely Driver'. The car is a 1983 Nissan 280zx 'FAILLADY Z'. I was there for support in case the car broke. The car ran pretty well with no major mechanical issues. After about 7 hours into the race the fuel started getting too hot causing the motor to lose power. The fuel heat problems eventually forced us to stop racing with an hour left. Even though the car did not last until the finish we were still able to manage to get position 18/30.

Full photo album here.

Starting grid.
Top 3 - Porsche 944, Nissan 240SX, BMW
Right side hood pin broke about half way through the race so the hood started popping up.
So we just removed the hood at the next pit stop. Problem solved.
After about 6 hours of racing the car suddenly died on the track and had to be towed back in.
Turns out the ignition coil fell out of the mount and the wire came loose. Quick repair with duct tape and sent it back on the track.
After all of the problems we had with fuel overheating we pitted to let the car cool down since it was down on power. We didn't realize that the ground wire for the e-fan came loose since the motor was still running cool on the track but once we stopped the radiator boiled over and pressurized the overflow tank. The lid popped off of the overflow tank and sprayed water all over the place.

Found this video from team Nismorons in their Nissan 240SX. Starting at :19 they catch the Z going off the track on video.


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awesome ... looks like great amounts of fun!

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