Monday, October 3, 2011

Fairlady - Rear suspension upgrade started.

I started doing some work on the rear suspension, but it seems like I took one step forward and two steps backwards after what happened with one of my stub axles.

Here is a comparison of the new and old springs.

I am glad I decided to go ahead and replace the shocks. They were leaking pretty bad. I can push in the piston by hand and it does not even try to they are trash.

While I have everything apart I am also replacing the wheel bearings. This involves taking out the stub axles, something I have never done before. To remove the lock nut on the 240z you have to grind away the nut where it is pressed into the stub axle. The first side I did worked perfect without any trouble at all. On the second side I didn't grind enough metal away and ended up snapping the end of the stub axle off at the threads. I did not expect the metal to be that soft. Oh well..another expensive lesson learned the hard way.

Here is a before pic so you can get an idea of what has to be grinded away to remove the lock nut.

After - ouch.

Now I need to find a replacement stub axle. I think I may just use one from my other 240Z since they will be upgraded to the stronger 280Z or modern motorsports stub axles anyway.