Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fairlady - Suspension and Brake parts.

I have been collecting parts since July and finally have almost everything I need to finish the suspension and brakes on the Fairlady.

Tokico HP Performance Suspension Kit (non-adjustable).

Silver Mine Motors Front Big Brake Kit (stage 4) - Based on Toyota 4x4 brakes.

Silver Mine Motors Rear Big Brake Kit (stage 4) - Based on Mustang GT rear brakes. I chose this kit because it is one of the few rear disk upgrades for the s30 that keeps the parking brake.

I also have a 280zx 15/16 Master Cylinder too but I didn't take a pic.

When I ordered the brakes I was not sure if they would fit my 15" 280zx wheels but I just checked and the rear brakes do not fit. Looks like it is time to start shopping for a set of wheels. I will probably order a set of 16x7 konig rewind wheels (watanabe knockoffs). I would really like to get a set of real watanabe wheels or volk te37v but I think I am better off putting that money towards getting the Fairlady back on the road so I can continue my LS1 swap. I can always upgrade the wheels later.