Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fairlady - L28 primed and painted.

Primed and painted the L28 block. Now I can start the re-assembly on the bottom-end.


Fairlady - L28 rebuild for Fairlady Z.

Got my pistons back from the machine shop. I also got a set of ARP bolts and studs for the entire motor.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Fairlady - L28 going in the Fairlady

Since I have had trouble finding the pistons for the L20a rebuild I am going to use one of my spare L28 motors. I am going to use my built up E31 head and dished pistons to drop the CR down low enough to use pump gas since I want to keep this car streetable. The head has an MSA stage IV cam (290/290 duration .495 lift) so it should be fun when I get the mikuni's fixed up.

The L28 block I am going to use:

I almost have everything I am going to need for the motor. I bought the Koyo radiator from MVP motorsports last year for the yellow Z, but then I decided to tear that car down to the chassis and never installed it. Might as well put it to use in the Fairlady. The water pump is actually from a LD28 Nissan Diesel motor. It has a larger impeller and can be installed on an L28 with very little modification to the front cover. The oil pump is for an L28ET. Pistons are .50 oversized with dished top to drop the CR down a little.
New heater hoses from Nissan:

This is probably the best upgrade you can do for an old Z. I always hated how dim the headlights were on my 240Z so I never drove it anywhere at night. These harnesses will connect into the stock harness without any cutting. It adds relays to the high load circuits such as the headlights and running lights. The 105 amp H.O. alternator is from Z Specialties and is internally regulated. It is a direct replacement without modifying any of the existing wiring, you just need disconnect the external voltage regulator. I got the headlight housings from John at h4lights.com. The housings have modern H4 bulbs to replace the useless sealed beam lights.
Innovate MTX-L wideband:

Fairlady - Triple Mikuni 40PHH

I am having a lot of trouble finding a set of replacement pistons for the L20a so I am going put in an L28 while I keep looking for parts.

I have started piecing together all of the parts needed for triple carbs. So far I have a three Mikuni/Solex 40PHH carbs, six velocity stacks, and an L6 triple manifold. I just need to find all of the linkage parts and send the carbs to wolfcreekracing to be rebuilt.