Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fairlady - Suspension and Brake parts.

I have been collecting parts since July and finally have almost everything I need to finish the suspension and brakes on the Fairlady.

Tokico HP Performance Suspension Kit (non-adjustable).

Silver Mine Motors Front Big Brake Kit (stage 4) - Based on Toyota 4x4 brakes.

Silver Mine Motors Rear Big Brake Kit (stage 4) - Based on Mustang GT rear brakes. I chose this kit because it is one of the few rear disk upgrades for the s30 that keeps the parking brake.

I also have a 280zx 15/16 Master Cylinder too but I didn't take a pic.

When I ordered the brakes I was not sure if they would fit my 15" 280zx wheels but I just checked and the rear brakes do not fit. Looks like it is time to start shopping for a set of wheels. I will probably order a set of 16x7 konig rewind wheels (watanabe knockoffs). I would really like to get a set of real watanabe wheels or volk te37v but I think I am better off putting that money towards getting the Fairlady back on the road so I can continue my LS1 swap. I can always upgrade the wheels later.


Tyson Bunker said...

It is a very interesting and useful post you have shared. I need suspension kit; can you suggest me from where you have ordered it?

Brad Richardson said...

Everything on this page was ordered from Silver Mine Motors. Edan was very quick to respond to my emails too.

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