Sunday, April 24, 2011

Fairlady - Diff and Rear Suspension removed.

Me and a buddy dropped the rear suspension and diff in the Fairlady. The job went better than I expected thanks to this post from We were able to get the rear end dropped in just over an hour. Not bad for the first time I have done anything with the rear suspension on a Z. I think I got lucky because none of the bolts were siezed tight with rust. It was actually scary how loose some of the bolts in the front diff mounts were. There is no telling how old the gear oil is so I am not looking forward to cracking open the diff cover.

I have ordered an energy suspension master bushing kit and stainless brake braided soft lines for the brakes.

I noticed that the right side brake drum was seized which explains why the car was so hard to push when we loaded it onto the trailer the day I picked it up.



welshman said...

good job, from personal experience, when you put it back together remember all the bushings. I put mine in without the mustache bar upper bushing plates. i had to disassemble just about everything again for it to re-install the plates b/c the bar hit the translink and wouldnt just drop out on it's own. goodluck!

akuma-z said...

Thanks for the tip.

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